How can we help you?

1. What's the weather like in September in East Idaho?

Prepare for all types of weather. It could be 75 and sunny or overcast and snowing. There’s no predicting Idaho weather.

2. Can I display my vehicle in the show?

Absolutely! The best place for one to showcase their build is in the in-show camping area. This area will be open to spectators and is a great way to showcase your rig in an area where it can be set up how you would normally utilize your gear.

3. Are camper trailers allowed?

Yes, bumper pull and 5th wheel campers will be allowed on the grounds. On-site camping will be available for dry camping in an adjacent field to the show, easily within walking distance to the show.

4. Is the obstacle course open to everybody?

As of now, we are reserving the course for those who are participating in the on-site camping portion of the show. We’re working on bringing in sponsors that will potentially allow attendees to drive demo vehicles on the course, but that’s still in the works.

5. Are there any BLM/Forest Service areas to camp nearby?

Yes! We are surrounded by public land use areas. We have desert out west and wooded areas to the east all within a 30-45 minute drive of the show grounds.